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Chicago Information

This web app has been designed for use on desktop computers, laptop computers and mobile/tablet devices. In addition, this web app is HTML5 compliant. All CTA data presented is provided by Chicago Transit Authority [CTA].

Note, the first time that you use certain features* in this section, you will have to give the app your permission to use "Geo Location" to find your position.

Chicago Transit Authority [CTA]

  • CTA Stops Near Me*- When moving through Chicago, use the "Stops Near Me" link to pull up the closest CTA bus and train stops.

    This app uses the "Geo Location" features of HTML5 to estimate your current location by latitude and longitude and then cross references your location to the CTA stops within 3/10 of a mile from your current location. When you use this feature, your estimated location and degree of accuracy will appear near the top of the screen.

    CTA All - This page will allow you to get the estimated arrival times for most all CTA stops in the City of Chicago. You can...

    • Select a Bus Route or Train Line
    • Select a the Direction of the bus/train
    • Select a Stop for the selected a Bus Route or Train Line
    • View the predictions for estimated arrival times.

    When you get to the predictions, click/touch the "Save to Favorites" button. If you have added a stop to your favorites, the "Add to Favorites" button will be replaced by a "Remove from Favorites" button.

    CTA Favorites - This page will initially be blank. To add to your Favorites, select 'CTA All' from the top menu. On the CTA All page, select the train/route that you wish to add. After electing the route/train, select the Direction. After you select the direction. a list of stops for that route/train direction will appear. Select the stop that you want as a favorite and click/touch the "Save to Favorites" button.


Airport Status - Current weather and status of O'Hare and Midway airports.

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