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If you are using an Apple type computer with Safari version 6, you may experience problems entering the website and paying your bill using the online payment system. The issue should only occur if you are using Safari 6. We are working on the issue but there is no timeline at this point.

If you have not registered use the 'Register to Enter' link.  If you previously registered and do not remember your User Name or Password use the 'Recover Lost Password' link.

If you set the "Remember User Name" and/or "Remember Password" entries to 'Yes' your User Name and/or Password will be saved on your computer. You can also remove the information by setting the entries to 'No' and then entering the Owner/Resident section of the website.

If this is a public computer used by people other than yourself, we suggest that you set the entries to 'No' on both "Remember" entries.

Password Change: We also strongly suggest that you periodically change your password.


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